Some Challenges Brides Face When Planning a Wedding and How to Overcome Them.

While planning your wedding, you may encounter some challenges and awkward situations that might leave you very emotional. Fret not because you are not alone. Most brides experience this phase.

Here are some tips to make your planning experience enjoyable.

1. Big vision, small budgets


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It is okay to have a big vision for your wedding and no one should stop you from having one. Nevertheless there are several ways you can cut costs and still retain your vision.
· Slashing your guest list will reduce the cost of several items like décor, catering, location and cake. At times, you just need to be selfish and invite the most important people in your life to celebrate this day with you. That way you get to execute your vision, work within your budget and have a memorable day. No need to worry about the ones who were left out they will still celebrate with you at a later date in one way or the other. They may grill you about it, but be sure they won’t hold grudges.

· Go for off-peak season wedding dates. During this time, suppliers are not too busy and are in need of clients hence give you the most favorable rates. In Kenya, January to July is usually off-peak season while August to December is high season. So pick your dates wisely.

2. Uncooperative bridesmaids

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Your bridal party may be over the moon to be part of your special day but it is possible you may encounter some issues. Some may not like the color or the design of the dress while some may complain or opt out due to the expenses they foresee. To curb this;
· Be considerate and choose a reasonably priced dress or tailor.
· You can also have a sit-down with the girls together with the tailor and come up with an ideal design. As for color it really depends on your theme but yet again if you choose a really good fabric and design then any color will pass.
· Alternatively, if you want something pricey then consider adding it to your budget or offer to top it up for them.

3. Your dream wedding versus that of your fiancé and your parents

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This can be a nightmare for any bride because external forces are imposing their ideas and traditions on you. Your parents or his parents may insist on a religious ceremony inside a church yet you want an outdoor ceremony. Your fiancé might side with his family or he might side with you and maybe want his ideas incorporated. At this point you may feel like you are walking on eggshells. Remember all of them are coming from a place of love and they want what’s best for you and for them. The solution:

-All parties should be ready to compromise. As a bride, speak and be heard and also lend a listening ear. Discuss amongst yourselves very candidly and come up with a workable plan. Most importantly, choose your battles well.

4. Who is funding the wedding?

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We are no longer in the days of the yore where parents used to fund weddings. Times have changed and funding has been left to the couple. At times, parents might chip in, which relieves the budget slightly.

-Brides, if you know your fiancé can’t afford the wedding and he is struggling, feel no shame to chip in. Unless he offers to pay for the whole wedding. If he hasn’t stated this then support your man. Together, come up with an amount that the two of you are comfortable spending on a wedding.

5. Dealing with an intrusive committee

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Having a committee means sharing all your wedding plans and budgets with them, which gives them room to be all over your business. They may end up causing disruption, annoyance or uninviting ideas and suggestions.

-To avoid going nuts over this or breaking bridges with the members, it is important to state clearly the purpose of setting up the committee and the kind of contribution you want from them.

-You may also consider not having one and just have a small round table with trusted friends and family.

6. Distribution of wedding cards

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First of all is it a 50/50 distribution between you and your future husband? This might be a difficult conversation especially if one side of the family has more numbers than the other and you are not in a position to stretch the numbers any further. Again it all bottles down to compromise.
· Invite your single friends and relatives without dates, rather than crossing them off your wedding guest list. If anyone complains, simply explain.


7. Accommodating picky eaters

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You cannot foresee everyone’s dietary needs but you can consider having a buffet that accommodates meat lovers, vegetarians and the diabetic. They won’t expect special treatment though they will appreciate that you considered them when they are serving.



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