You Have to Hear Upper Hill Secondary School and Sauti Sol’s Amazing Acapella Version of ‘Kuliko Jana’


Sauti Sol recently made a surprise visit to their former school Upper Hill School to speak out against the recent school burnings. And we admire these wonderful artists for bringing the full weight of their prominence into this debate.
“Because of ‪Upperhill, Sauti Sol was born. This morning we joined our former high school UpperHill in calling for an end to the school burning menace” said Sauti Sol
They also made the day very memorable for the students of the school by performing “Kuliko Jana” together with the whole student body.
In addition, Sauti Sol also highlighted the SOMA SOMA Initiative which promotes creative arts in education. The SOMA SOMA concept is built around the idea that “creative arts are an intricate part of our development and culture. “They give us a sense of unity in our everyday interactions and can be a powerful tool to establish learning”, band and member Savara Mudigi said to the boys and urged them to study hard but at the same time to move on if they fail.

“There are many exams that you will do in life…you should sit for them, pass and progress with life…whichever way you perform, have the heart to soldier on…it is never the end of life because there many opportunities out there.”

As you will appreciate from this video, the boys have certainly benefitted a lot from their music lessons. It is by any standard an amazing rendition of their popular song.



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