Kenyan Producer, Premiers Crime Thriller in London

Recently in the UK there was a premiere of the movie “Hound” that has got a lot of people talking. The story is about a Man (Andy) who witnessed his faithful dog which he considered his only friend butchered before his eyes by a crime lord (Raj). This experience pushes Andy to the wall and we see him overcome his fears and addictions and transforms into a ‘’Hero’’ in order to seek justice and find redemption for himself and others hence he forges a new identity; Hound.

One of the most amazing things about this movie isn’t the movie itself but the brains behind it. Simba Masaku, the grandson of freedom fighter Paul Ngei is one of the three directors who came up with the creative idea of this movie and brought it to life. He teamed up with Jimm Stark and Oliver Kausar to form Totem Films in order to realize their big screen ambitions.

The talented actor, writer, director and producer who is a graduate from Buckingshire Chilterns University College where he studied Drama and Video production started directing at a young age. In an interview he stated that as young student he would borrow his mom’s camera to film short home videos to 70’s cop shows and kung fu flicks with his friends and after they would invite family and friends to watch their production.

His passion and determination led to him being casted in various films such as Shaun of the Dead, Standing Alone and Colin. While speaking to the Informer East Africa in the UK, Simba said that he was grateful to his Parents for their Motivation and support. He stated that as a child he used to see his father keeping many VHS tapes with movies which got him inspired every time he watched them but that his Granddads’ appearance in the movie “Where no Vultures Fly” motivated him the most.

One of his final statements to the Informer East Africa was that he is very proud to be Kenyan and hopefully soon he will embark on doing movies in Kenya and that He would like to see a lot more films by Kenyans going Global.



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