The Story Behind Sauti sol’s Famous ‘bedsheets’

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Higher risk more oft than not leads to higher rewards/ returns, take for example Sauti sol and their infamous ‘bed sheet’ outfits during their 2015 coke studio performance with Yemi Alade. They pushed past the norm and donned outfits that would make Kanye West weep with unadulterated pride. That’s when KOT went in which was further proof that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Now, the much slandered ‘bed sheets’ are on display at UK’s Brighton museum. When asked, Brighton museum reps stated that they chose the ‘bed sheets’ after the buzz that surrounded the band’s outfit choice at the time.

So how did this modern fairy tale begin? The clothes were designed by Monoxrome’s Steve Munga after the band requested something edgy.

“We needed something memorable and interesting” said Sauti Sol’s. Chimano. And memorable it was seeing as Kenyans had a lot to say about it on twitter. Most of them comparing them to bedsheets.

When asked about how they felt about the backlash and unwarranted criticism, Chimano stated that they knew their outfits will be appreciated elsewhere where fashion and art are an integral part of society and artistic expression is encouraged rather than stifled.

The designer Steve Munga on the inspiration behind the outfits and Monoxrome had the following to say;

“It was an idea I had experimented with stylist, Anabel Onyango while shooting the Live and die in Africa music video a while back. However, we fully pushed the envelopes for this ‘drape effect’ when we later worked with their stylist Sunny Dolat. It was inspired by African warrior regalia and modern day avante-garde. Monoxrome is experimental, futurist and urban trendy, so expect more designs accessible to all in our upcoming online store. And yes, we will also include the limited edition “bed sheets”

So there you have it guys, Kenya’s trash was definitely Britain’s treasure. The exhibition at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery where the pieces are featured is the first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion. The aim of the exhibition is to explore fashion style choices of individual ‘fashion agents’ from four African cities in Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.

I am sure bed sheets will be viewed with a different eye after this.

Congratulations boys!






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