Here are Some Talented Kenyan YouTube Cover Artists You Should Subscribe to

Singing covers of songs have existed since time immemorial. Different artists try to perform different renditions of songs in order for that music to reach a particular fan base or just in appreciation of the song. For an artist to perform a cover of a song, they ensure that the main elements of the song are not forgotten but there is a twist that makes “their song” unique and individually artistic.

Below is a list of some of the amazing cover artist in Kenya:

  1. Dela

 She is a vocal goddess. From her original works to her covers she brings out an effect that is uniquely hers. Her rendition and transformation of Adele’s Hello caused a ripple effect of awe across the region. It sounded like an original and it received an extremely positive response from her fans. Just when you think she is done, she goes and covers our national anthem. Her performance in this is dramatic and capturing and it only goes to show that some musicians are more than just the voice, they are musical painters who can transform any form of music into pieces of art.

 2. Alisha Popat

The first time I heard Lindsey Sterling’s cover of We found love by Rihanna, I imagined it would be entirely instrumental until you hear the lovely harmony in the background, then a sweet sensual sound comes in. Alisha Popat is a singer, songwriter with very notable achievements under her hat. She has also perfomed alongside Peter Hollens and has a single featuring Colonel Mustafa( Mena Pyaar Kiya)

3. Layonn

 If it’s in English or French he has a voice and style that will keep you glued to his videos (Not forgetting the face too).From Ce Kiss to his rendition of Kuliko Jana he has a very unique style of music that incorporates both R&B and a bit of Dancehall creating a nice and interesting style of music that makes him different from other Kenyan artist.

4. Elvis Otieno

Named after the legendary Elvis Presley no one can claim Cover success like him. He has been featured on TV shows such as BBC Pop Up for his outstanding performance in country music. When you hear him sing you could actually imagine he is a white guy from Tennessee. It might sound a bit prejudiced but it is rare to find an original and refined Country singer such as him. If you want to hear some originally entertaining Country Music, he is the man to follow.

5. Filah Tuju and The Redfourth Chorus

Filah has been the base of some of the biggest names and bands in the Kenysn Music Industry such as Sauti Sol, Anto Neo Soland Scott the Violinist amongst others. He is also the brains behind the amazing Redfourth Chorus which has taken over the Accapella scene in Kenya. Their performances have received applause as far as the United States from stars such as Amber Riley and JB Smoove.

6. Phil Waweru 

When it comes to Phil I am tongue tied. His rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You should be in the Top 3 of the best Covers this year. Who would have thought a Swahili/Kikuyu/English version of this song would be so good. He has an amazing voice and the way he blends the different languages together make his work addictive. I might not understand some of the things he is saying but his performance would make you hit replay.



Fiona Olali

Fiona Olali

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