You Know You’re Obsessed With Perfumes if…

Do you like to buy perfume almost every single week? Are you that person who gets a tad bit too excited when a new perfume comes into stores? Have you ever looked at your perfume collection and thought damn! Things might just be getting out of control here? Well, if you are like me you’ve probably answered yes to the above questions but if you are not sure whether you have reached crazy perfume lady status yet, here are a few signs that will let you know whether you have reached the perfume obsession phase.

  • You have a scent for every occasion

Signature scent? Ain’t nobody got time for that! You probably already have a perfume collection massive enough to start your own store and if you are slightly OCD’d, you have probably even divided them into complex sub-categories e.g perfumes for first dates, dinner dates, weddings e.t.c whatever the occasion, you are ready to go and have the perfect scent to accompany you, you find it very complex to understand people who stick to one fragrance in the name of “signature scent” for you, variety is key!

  • You have mastered the fine art of fragrance layering

Fragrance layering is the process of applying fragrance items with the same scent, it’s all about incorporating the right scents into other parts of your beauty routine to make your perfume work better for you or to create a unique scent. For a perfume addict this is quite a thrilling experience as you just can’t stand the idea of having to wear just one perfume. If you have body lotions, shower gels, deodorants and perfumes in the same scent range, your love and obsession of scents is quite obvious. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to layering, stick to scents that are of the same family in order to avoid sensory overload.

  • The first thing you notice when you meet someone is how they smell

Forget about a person’s smile or even the shoes they are wearing, if the first thing you notice when you first meet someone is how they smell, then you are definitely obsessed with perfumes. This might be a creepy habit especially if you can pin point the exact fragrance someone is wearing, the brand and ultimately judging them on how much they inevitably spent to smell like that! Similarly you genuinely enjoy being around people who smell good and getting compliments on your perfume is the quickest way to your heart.

  • You buy magazines purely for the perfume samples

Vogue or cosmopolitan magazine? We bet you are already subscribed to these purely for the perfume samples and similarly have a habit of picking up test strips all the time at fragrance stores. Nothing excites you more than seeing a free perfume sample no matter how small it might be. If your car, purse and other belongings cannot miss a perfume sample either from a magazine or a test strip you received from a fragrance store then you most definitely have an undeniable love for fragrances.

  • You never get rid of old perfume bottles

If your room looks like a weird museum because of all the empty perfume bottles on your display then its official, you have reached crazy perfume lady status (nothing to be ashamed about btw) after all, they help to freshen up the air in your bedroom and you are able to keep track of all the fragrances you have ever tried.



Evelyn Waitherero

Evelyn Waitherero

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