Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

If you love makeup and love accentuating your eyes, you don’t need to ditch eye makeup just because you now have frames; Makeup is a visual art and your glasses will add a whole new dimension to your application process it’s just a matter of slightly adapting your routine in order to compliment your frames and create a new sense of balance. Whereas styling your makeup to compliment your eyeglass frames all comes down to personal preference, here are a few tips for making your eyes look awesome in glasses.

Tip #1: Stay neutral

When it comes to eye shadow, lighter or neutral colors work best for eye glass wearers this is because darker shadow colors will work against your frames creating a shadow effect which in turn gives your eyes that tired/swollen look.

Tip #2: Fill in your brows

This is an important tip that is not just for eye-glass wearers well groomed brows can make a huge difference to your appearance. Even if you are not going to apply any eye makeup; filling in your brows will make you look well put together. Eyebrow styling however for eye-glass wearers largely depends on the size and shape of your eye-wear. Full, defined and well arched brows are in vogue right now however; if you wear big bold frames, you might want to avoid heavy brow makeup.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid of mascara

A lot of makeup tips for eyeglass wearers will tell you to steer clear of mascara as it will stick against the lenses of your glasses and while this might be true, you don’t entirely have to forego mascara, if anything mascara will help highlight your eyes and really bring them out from behind your glasses. The key however is to avoid over-coating, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes then apply one layer of mascara, wait for it to completely dry up before wearing your glasses to avoid staining your lenses. If you invest in good quality mascara, one coat will be enough to define your lashes.

Tip #4: Use white eyeliner on your waterline

A white eyeliner on your waterline creates the illusion of larger eyes and will also help them appear brighter. This tip is especially helpful if you are near sighted and your prescription glasses make your eyes look smaller.

Tip #5: Use a Setting powder to set your makeup

Applying a transparent setting powder on your face is an important step to incorporate to your routine and more so for eye-glass wearers. When done with your makeup application, finish off with a transparent setting powder on your entire face; this will stop your foundation from coming off onto your glasses and will help keep everything nicely in place.




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