Magnetic Lashes…. How do they Work?

When you wear fake lashes, you accept the reality of having to pluck glue off your eyelids or God forbid even gluing your eye shut in the process; the struggle is real ladies but not anymore. With the introduction of magnetic lashes, your eyelash application does not have to be a messy affair and if you are like me then you are probably wondering how on earth magnetic lashes work right? After all we are not made of metal so how on earth are magnetic lashes going to stick to our eyelids? is the brainchild behind these viral falsies. You basically place one lash segment on top of your natural upper lash line then another one right underneath the upper lashes; the tiny magnets on each lash segment connect around your natural lashes and hold themselves in place, no glue needed! Basically for each eye, you have two lash strips that sandwich around your real lashes and fuse together with their attached magnets.

At this point we are sure you have questions like do they feel heavy or are they painful? Will the magnets affect your eyes? Well according to reviews online, the lashes are very light and so are the magnets, they are not heavy or painful to put on and are natural-looking, nothing dramatic at all  just be careful not to tag on them when trying to clip them in place as this could damage your natural lashes.

The magnets will not affect your eyes and they actually look like tiny strips nothing too heavy to tag on your eyelids. They are also reusable which is good news considering they retail for $69.Sadly the lashes are not yet available in Kenya but we do hope to see them in the Kenyan market soon. We love how easy it is to put them on and the fact that you don’t have to deal with glue mess is a win for us. What do you think about the magnetic lashes and would you be willing to give them a try? Here is a video on how to use magnetic lashes



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