How to Choose the Best Face Moisturizer for Your Skin

As tedious as it may be, moisturizing is one of the steps in your daily skin care routine that you shouldn’t be skipping out on. I am sure we’ve all got the moisturizing part of skincare down to a T but are you using the right moisturizing cream for your face type? This is what will essentially determine how well nourished your skin will be. To find the perfect moisturizer, start by finding out your skin type and figuring out exactly what your skin needs, once you know your skin type then you can start working on the right moisturizer. Here is a guide on how to choose a suitable moisturizer for various skin types.

For Normal skin

If you are someone with skin that is neither oily nor dry, you can pretty much get away with using any moisturizer however, you should try switch up your moisturizers to a light-weight and silicon-based during the hotter seasons and a thicker cream moisturizer during the cold season.

For Dry skin

For ladies with skin that demands extra hydration, a moisturizer that is thick and cream based will work best. Look out for moisturizers enriched with hydrating ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil and ceramides; these ingredients will be absorbed into dry skin quickly leaving you with a more hydrated softer complexion.

For Oily skin

Yes! Oily skin does still need to be moisturized however, because your skin retains a lot of moisture hence the oiliness, you should stay away from heavy moisturizing creams and opt for light-weight, gel-textured and oil-free moisturizers that contain pure hyaluronic acid to lock in water without any greasiness.

For Combination skin

Combination skin is oily and dry on different parts of your face so the key is to keep your skin in perfect balance. You should pick out a moisturizer suitable for combination skin as it has been specifically balanced to hydrate the dry parts of your skin which are usually the cheeks and jaw-line while lightly moisturizing the oily parts which is your t-zone area.

For Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is highly irritable; you should therefore avoid fragranced products if you fall under this skin type. Any moisturizing product containing aloe Vera is suitable for sensitive skin as it is a soothing agent. It is also helpful to ensure that all your beauty products (makeup included) are suitable for sensitive skin in order to avoid flare ups that sensitive skin people are highly prone to.

For Acne-prone skin

If you are prone to breakouts and your skin is more on the oilier side, then just like those with oily skin, you should go for lightweight, gel-textured moisturizers with ingredients like dimethicone and hyaluronic acid. Choosing the right moisturizer for acne-prone skin will ultimately come down to picking a product that will help with your acne in which case you may need to see a dermatologist for this. The general rule however is that oil-free products are best for this skin type.



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