Dimpleplasty Is the Latest Plastic Surgery Trend… Check it Out

Did you know that dimples, those cute little cheek indentations that give people a youthful and welcoming smile are actually a genetic defect caused by shortened facial muscles? (An attractive defect if you ask me!) as a result, when the muscle underneath the skin flexes as in the case when smiling, it pulls the skin up creating a dimple. Dimples seem to be all the rave right now in the beauty community and if you are not naturally blessed with them like Mario Lopez then fear not…there is a solution, a simple outpatient procedure called dimpleplasty that lasts about 30minutes and is currently the latest beauty craze trending in the US right now.

The procedure that has become popular among both men and women involves the plastic surgeon creating an incision inside the patient’s mouth to create a defect in the cheek muscle; the muscle is then attached to the undersurface of the skin. Patients are left with semi-permanent dimples for about one to two months with mild swelling and soreness in the initial period. Eventually, the tissue will settle and the indentation will only be noticeable when smiling (just like a real dimple). The procedure has been trending due to the small amount of downtime required and how fast the procedure is. The procedure can cost anywhere between $800 and $2,500 depending on the level of difficulty as a results of the patients anatomy.

As with any procedure, there are risks which could lead to deformities that are incredibly difficult to correct. E.g. during the healing process, the dimples may appear overly dramatic and heal that way or even worse, they can be located in the wrong place on your cheek giving you an eerie look. Whereas the procedure sounds pretty simple, we here at Style Yetu believe that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it but hey, to each their own right? So what do you think about dimpleplasty and is it something that you would consider doing?

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