These are the Only Makeup Brushes You’ll Ever Need

Whether you are just getting started with makeup or you are a makeup artist looking forward to building your kit, investing in the right makeup tools especially when it comes to brushes is essential. A flawless makeup application depends a lot on the brushes that you use but if you are not looking to buy a 40pcs set of brushes which can be quite overwhelming anyway, here is our guide on the basic makeup brushes that everyone should own.

Foundation Brush

This is the first of the most important brushes for beginners. Foundation plays a Key role in makeup application so a foundation brush is an essential tool. You can choose between a regular flat foundation brush or for a more airbrushed look, go for a flat top kabuki/stippling foundation brush.

Concealer Brush

While it’s possible to apply concealer under your eyes with your fingers, The next brush that is definitely worth investing in is a concealer brush; it will save you so much time while applying concealer or highlighting under your eyes. By using a concealer brush, you also find that you achieve better coverage and can stop your concealer from looking cakey.

Powder Brush

The next step to your makeup application is setting everything and this is where a good powder brush comes in. A round, fluffy, with loosely packed bristles powder brush is perfect for applying powders and blending out your face makeup; you can use it with loose or pressed powders.

Blush Brush

Since beginners won’t focus much on contouring, the next essential brush should then be the blush brush. A great blush brush should be able to apply the color without it appearing blotchy or cakey. An angled blush brush will help you to really get into the contours of your cheeks and blend the product flawlessly.

Angled Brush

Well-groomed eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features; a good angled brush is the Key to perfectly shaped brows. Use it to fill in your eyebrows or to apply eye-shadow to your lash line; the angled shape allows for more precise shading.

Flat eye-shadow/ shader Brush

This is a common brush that you will find in most makeup brush sets. It’s used to pack color on to your eyelid. Most shadow lid brushes work the same so there is no need to splurge much on eye brushes. The most important brushes for eye shadow application are the flat eye shadow brush and the blending brush.

Blending Brush

Blending is Key for a flawless application especially when it comes to eye-shadows. A blending brush is one of the most important eye-brushes to invest in, a tapered blending brush is ideal for softening harsh lines and shadows which will help your colors integrate flawlessly.



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