Must See Powerful Image of the Duchess of Cornwall Being Guarded by Hijabi Bodyguards

In a world where women are still struggling to fit into male dominated roles and professions, one of the most conservative regions in the UAE is trying to change this odious misconception. In a photo vetted as the most powerful picture of the week shows female bodyguards dubbed the female protection squad accompanying the duchess of Cornwall, Camilla on her visit of UAE.

The bodyguards Shaima al Kaabi, Basima al Kaabi, Hannan al Hatawi (behind the Duchess), Nisreen al Hamawi and Salama al Remeithi, who are all aged between 29 and 30, are part of the UAE’s presidential guard and were handpicked from the more than fifty women in the rank much to the delight of her royal highness. They are highly skilled in martial arts and combat techniques and are skilled adventurers and three of them conquered Mount Everest earlier this year. As to whether they are fit for the job, all I can say is, those burqas can be deceiving but peep those slip ons on their feet, that means they are ready to attack any time. Check out the awesome photo below.

hijabi-bodyguardsphoto @clarencehouse instagram



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