Kenyan Artist Shares Jaw Dropping and Sensual Body Art Images

Nairobi’s contemporary urban artist Michael Soi known best for his retro tote bags has unveiled another project. This time instead of using the usual canvas base he has taken a different route into body art proving that inspiration can be translated through any medium. Soi’s latest work of art is reminiscent of famed Nigerian body art pro Laolu. But unlike Laolu who does African tribal inspired art, Soi has stayed true to his artistic style by using his signature patterns in vibrant colors which gave a startling contrast to the models complexion. The untitled project shot against an intricate backdrop embodies everything Soi is as an artist. His work has been exhibited numerous times most recently on January 26, 2017 by Kuona trust. Soi states that most of his work is social commentary inspired by the city of Nairobi that addresses everything that would rather not be talked about in public. Check out the images from the project below:

Photos @michaelsoistudio and @ukwelitruth



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