INSTAGRAM CRUSH: Meet @izmungai

Mungai (@izmungai) turned his passion for photography into a career and rightfully so. His page is inspiring, colorful and creative. One of those Instagram accounts you stumble upon and then find yourself deep into their archives hours later. And today he is sharing with us his Instagram journey and top tips to a winning page.



Tell us a bit about yourself – I’m John Mungai, a portrait and travel photographer, former graphic designer (I still do it at times though). I love to travel and camp under the stars. I started photography as a hobby which eventually became a career.


When and why did you join Instagram? I joined instagram in 2013 as a trend (yes, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about),then I came across some photography pages which had high appreciations and engagements about their photography. I decided to also try and post the photos I was taking and see how it would go and the response I got was encouraging therefore I kept at it.


What is your Instagram style? I really love colour, so in almost all of my photos, I try isolate the main subject with a brighter or eye-catching colour than the background to basically lead your eyes straight to it.


Show us your favorite picture on your feed This is my favorite picture because it reminds me of the awesome roadtrip and camp to Timau that I went with some of my instagrammer friends who are passionate about photography as well and have now become more of family.

Every second counts. Happy international women's day.

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What do you use to shoot your pictures? I use a Canon 600D with a kit lens for my landscapes, 50mm and a vintage Helios 58mm for portraits, and occasionally use my Samsung Galaxy S4. Neutral density filters for my long exposure shots along with a tripod. A Yongnuo 560 IV speedlite, which I occasionally use while shooting contractual jobs or when I want to get a bit creative.


What Applications do you use to edit your pictures? I use Lightroom and Photoshop while editing on the computer and Snapseed, SKRWT and VSCO for my mobile on the go edits.


Which are 3 of your favorite Instagram accounts? My 3 favourite instagram accounts are @jarradseng, @danidiamondphotography and @doyoutravel

Finally, share with us tips for a dope Instapage 

Lighting I always try to get it right on camera than to go and correct it in post process, time saving is important. Visualize how you want the end result to look like, ask yourself if your followers will be able to understand what is going on in the image you took without having to explain it to them.


Communication Post images that make the viewers feel like they’re in that moment or it is them who are being photographed. Sharing emotions is more important than sharing photographs.


Patience As a photographer, it is an important virtue to have. Take time and look at your surroundings, identify your subject and figure out which frame works well (I at times take 3 compositions if I’m not sure which one works)


Don’t forget to check out his page @izmungai


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