What Men Should Borrow From Women’s Fashion

Traditionally women were considered the fashion gurus. They were the tailors, stylists and models. As time passed men began taking up interest in fashion and this in turn gave rise to the Giorgio Armani’s and the Salvatore Ferragamo’s. Women still had an upper hand, they had the skill, will and zeal for this kind of stuff. We as men can borrow a lot from women’s fashion. Basically, the overall view and passion that women have towards making an effort they are such professionals at it. Colour combinations, mixing patterns and textures. All we are left to do is try and borrow from them.

  1. Be open minded

Let your mind wander and be free. Men’s style is restrictive and doesn’t bring out the creative side to most people. Women’s style on the other hand allows creativity and embraces boldness, try and bend the rules; suit with sneakers, jogger pants with a blazer.

2.Colour palette

Play around with colours, women are brilliant at this. Most women create amazing outfits by simply playing around with colours. Colour your world.


Cotton is not the only fabric. Change it up keep everyone guessing, tweed with denim, linen with chiffon. Not only does it help in functionality but it is also very appealing.


Peep the women’s section once in a while. Women are the gods of accessorizing pretty sure you cannot miss something. Bags, scarves and hats can be a good way to spice up your outfit.



Kuta Mwadzame

Kuta Mwadzame

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