ENDA-The First Kenyan Made Running Shoe


Running has been synonymous to Kenya for years now, we are known worldwide for our athletic prowess, we have owned races, marathons and Olympic medals albeit threats by by other African countries to dethrone us. But what do our athletes run in? What kind of footwear do they use? Some of them are famous for running barefoot because that’s comfortable to them. But for those who eventually end up in footwear, the options have always been the traditional ones like NIKE, Puma, Adidas, Reebok etc… but now a new brand has been unveiled. It has been in the works for some time now, based on advice sought form Kenya’s top athletes the Enda footwear sports brand is set to launch by November 2016.

Founded by Navalayo Osembi-Ombati, who grew up around athletes in Eldoret, and Weldon Kennedy, an America enterprise start-up specialist living in Kenya, the duo has teamed up with New York’s Birdhaus Design Studios for this exciting venture that is set to put Kenya on a global scale when it comes to Sportswear. With an initial target of $75000 the company launched a campaign on kickstarter.com for people to pledge funds to enable them start production, and now they have set another goal with aims of diversifying the brand. The shoe comes in a range of colours inspired by the Kenyan flag of course with the latest technology implemented to ensure high quality product that can be sold all over the world.


enda Kenya running shoe


enda running shoe


enda running shoe


enda running shoes style yetu

enda kenya running shoes


enda running shoes founder

Weldon Kennedy and Osembo-Ombati

All photos courtesy of ENDA

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