African Print Glamour Showcased in the Vlisco Ramadan Campaign

When it comes to African print, Vlisco are arguably the originators of African fabric, tracing back to 1846. The Vlisco brand is well known for its original designs and strong coloured African fabrics. True to it’s from, Vlisco released its look book for the Vlisco Ramadan Campaign and the looks are nothing short of glamorous.

Incorporating unique patterns, rich fabrics and a beautiful pop of colour, Vlisco successfully captures the strong femininity of the African woman and the beauty of the African culture. The designs are made for the fashionable urban African woman who is not afraid to rock a bold look. A signature head wrap completes each of the different looks.

The photoshoot stars Founder of Hayati Magazine, Fatima Togbe, who is one of the new Vlisco brand ambassadors for the year. The campaign prides itself in inspiring women who express themselves in a unique way and what better way to do that than in how you dress!

While it is almost impossible to pick just one, here are some of our favourite looks!



Annrita Kiriamiti

Annrita Kiriamiti

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