Our Favorite Coachella Hair And Makeup Looks of 2017

Coachella season is here; The festival which begun on 14th April and ends on 23rd is a fun-filled annual music and arts festival held in California USA and not only is this a great time for music festival lovers but it’s also a time to check out the latest beauty trends as everyone from celebrities always strives to bring their A-game. From rhinestones, glitter and cosplay wigs, this year is no exception. Here are some of our favorite festive beauty looks from Coachella that will hopefully inspire you to be more daring with your beauty look this year.

The Hair…

Hair trends are definitely a big deal this year and a trendy hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to make a statement. If Coachella is anything to go by, then we can say for sure that 2017 hair trends are getting bolder, from braids to rainbow colored ponytails, here are our favorite hair style trends.

Hair verdict: Cornrows are here to stay

The Makeup…

When it comes to the makeup looks that we spotted, color was the order of the day loads of color and bold colored lipsticks as well. Rhinestones and glitter were also incorporated into makeup looks to give the ultimate festive vibes. Bold eyeliner and tribal art were also the trendiest go-to makeup looks.

Makeup Verdict: Glitter is here to stay

The Body Art…

Beauty looks weren’t only restricted to hair, makeup and accessories. This year, Coachella seems to have brought back body art and we are in love with this trend. Flash tattoos were spotted everywhere on the festival grounds on both men and women. Applied correctly, these tattoos can make you shimmer in the sun and are great way to compliment your festival outfit.

Body art verdict: Flash tattoos are still in

Besides the above beauty looks, bandannas, flower crowns and flashy sunglasses were some of the accessories that people chose for the occasion.



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