BATA Shoe Company Premiers Shoe Technology Allowing you to Wear Your Heels Longer

Bata Shoe Company Kenya recently launched its Insolia collection at an intimate party in their Muindi Mbingu Street branch in Nairobi. The event was presided over by the President of Bata Africa, Alberto Erico, with media personality Caroline Mutoko as the guest of honour. Insolia is a global foot wear technology developed to boost the comfort of high-heeled shoes; a patented technology that manages to distribute weight equally between the toe and the heel area. This translates into less forefoot pressure and improved posture, balance and stability. Walk further, walk taller is a powerful statement that empowers women. This statement is connected to the two main benefits of the Bata Insolia shoes. Walk further: thanks to the three times longer wearing time, you can literally walk further. Walk taller: high heels not only increase women’s height, but also their confidence in their feminine look.

This new technology meets the wearer’s comfort and style needs. It enables her to act, look and feel great. Quality is very important to her but so is felling and looking good everyday whether at work, at home or while on travel. Bata offers stylish, comfortable footwear to complement her stride everywhere she goes.  The Insolia technology is only available from the Bata Shoe Organization. At the launch party Alberto Erico stated: “Bata Kenya is the first Bata Africa Company to launch the Insolia technology through the campaign #WALKFURTHERWALKTALLERKE. This technology is currently available in 30 stores country wide and easily identified by the butterfly logo. The technology is simultaneously being rolled out in South Africa, and subsequently within the month of March in Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is available at an attractive price, giving the consumers an opportunity to own its advantages on each stride they make with Bata Insolia shoes.’’ Bata believes that comfort and fashion should come together. Insolia technology allows you to wear high heels up to three times longer, thanks to the revolutionary weight distribution system that spreads your weight equally on your feet. It also means that you walk straighter, with your head held higher. This, in combination with a better balance, gives confidence not only to your look but, most importantly, to yourself. So, walk further, walk taller.

The collection is available at all Bata stores and the price ranges from Khs 2799 to 2999.



Keillah Okari

Keillah Okari

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