Pinky Ghelani Talks About Being Crowned the First Moët Nectar Impérial Queen in Kenya

Luxury comes to Kenya full force with the famous champagne brand Moet & Chandon. After the launch dinners that they had with several press members and celebrities, I was super excited to be nominated as the first Queen of Moet.

They called me to explain the reasons as why they had chosen myself and my brand to represent the luxury behind the brand. They also asked if they could join me at a dinner that I am hosting for a few friends. I had no idea what was in store.

Dinner was at the new hotel by Radisson Blue, the Park Inn, located off Wayaki Way – on the rooftop at The Attic. An appropriate place for drinks and mingling and some delicious food.

The ‘crowning ceremony’ was indeed a huge surprise and I was quite thrown off (no pun intended) when they literally draped a cape on me, threw on a grown and sat me on this grand seat and gave me true blue royal treatment.

I have to say it was a grand honor and privilege to be recognized by such a renowned brand as well as have the who is who to dinner. The company was fabulous and the evening was superb!

Thankyou Moet & Chandon, the next time you are out, order a bottle of Nectar, the taste is truly amazing.

May all your pain be champagne.



Pinky Ghelani

Pinky Ghelani

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