Meet The Murayas: A Peak into the Private lives of Size 8 and Dj Moh

The Murayas is the YouTube channel by Size 8 and DJ Moh that was launched earlier this month.

In its first episode, the vlog kicks off with the couple exercising; running to be specific. Size 8 has just been running for 20 of the 45 minutes set out, and she is tired. But if you thought this is part of their everyday routine, you have another thing coming. As Size 8 explains later on in the vlog, the two embarked on a fitness journey in order to lose all the weight they had accumulated in their three years of marriage. That, plus, Size 8 was diagnosed with high blood pressure, a condition that makes her extremely tired. Besides their fitness journey, the vlog also explores the couple’s ministerial works and their daily routines.

However, one thing that remains is how happy the couple is. The vlogs are loaded with laughter that is also bound to brighten your day

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Rose Kwamboka

Rose Kwamboka


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