Here’s why Sauti Sol are Translating ‘Its Okay’ to English

A video by comedian Anne Kansiime declaring her undying love for Sauti Sol’s music, caught the attention of the boy band. “It is like loving someone and they do not know you love them,” she says of her reason to come out with her secret.

In the video, Kansiime admits that contrary to popular opinion which have been largely perpetrated by her lying, she does not speak Swahili. She adds that it bothers her that in most of Sauti Sol’s songs, the most touching words are in Swahili.

In a separate video, she sings along to Sauti Sol’s, Its Okay which is from their Live and Die in Afrika album, albeit in broken Swahili. She said that though she did not understand what the song says, she like the good feeling it brings with it. Sauti Sol, on getting wind of this, urged Kansiime to try and learn Swahili as it is a beautiful language. But before she does that, they offered to translate the song to English so that she not only enjoys the song, but also understand the lyrics.

To kick off the translating process, Sauti Sol asked what her black chocolate name is. It seems that they will be giving the song a personal touch.



Rose Kwamboka

Rose Kwamboka


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