TREND ALERT: Holographic Hair !

You have heard of holographic nails but how about holographic hair? By now you have probably caught on to the fact that the 90’s are back and in a huge way. We have seen plenty of hair trends just in the first quarter of the year and it’s safe to say they keep getting more creative. From glow in the dark hair, grandma dye hair, and leopard print hair; this new Instagram hair trend; another 90’s throwback is everywhere at the moment and promises to take shiny tresses to a whole new level by adding some dimension to make it appear almost translucent. The futuristic hair color trend might fall into obscurity soon enough but for now, this is the ultimate #HairGoals.

The holographic trend is achieved with a technique called hand-pressed coloring which is basically bringing screen painting to the hair and is a fast way to create cool effects on the hair. This technique is apparently faster than other popular color applications such as using the foil and it allows the stylist to have greater control over the vibrancy of the look. Much like other rainbow-inspired hair colors, you can opt for the colors you like but unfortunately, in order for the rainbow shades to appear holographic on the hair, you must first dye your hair a lighter shade such as white, blonde or gray then the pastel shades of blue, pink or purple are added to give the illusion of light and shadow and create a metallic looking effect. Scary we know but if you are willing to take the plunge, the results are so gorgeous and you will look like you have been sprinkled with some pixie dust.

We know our local hair stylist are already pushing the envelope when it comes to creating unique hair styles and trends especially now that people are getting more creative, bold and are using their hair as a way to express themselves. We would love to see our hairstylist try the holographic look or better yet, recreate the look to best suit African hair texture and complement our rich skin tones. Would you be willing to try the holographic hair trend?



Evelyn Waitherero

Evelyn Waitherero

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