Move over Matte Lips… Lip Gloss is Back!

Can we all take a moment to welcome back the trend that now seems to be bigger than ever…lip-gloss! Move over matte lips because it’s now officially cool to hydrate your lips. Lip-gloss is probably the first makeup item we all experimented with during our teen years and if you can recall clearly, they had quite a gloopy, sticky texture and more often than not; on windy days, your hair used to invariably end up glued onto your lips which was the most annoying thing ever! That must have been why we were all quite impressed with the matte lips but just like other beauty trends, matte lips are slowly being replaced by the return of the gloss; of course this time with new and improved formulas.

This time round, lip gloss is a subtler trend; you are not aiming for greasy lips, just going for a soft shine. No more sticky tubes that pour out like maple syrup, with nutritious and hydrating oils being added such as peach, rose hip and avocado, the formulas are now silkier than ever. Lip gloss is the perfect finish to any makeup look; it not only hydrates your lips but also leaves them looking supple and super luscious. Another major plus about gloss is that they are generally cheaper than a liquid lipstick-of course depending on the brand. The varieties of lip glosses available are endless so whether you are a glitter or metallic-finish kind of girl, there is a gloss out there for everyone.

Not ready to ditch your matte lippies just yet? You can start by applying a coat over a matte lipstick. You get the best of both worlds plus it honestly amps any look with little effort. A nude, clear or baby pink gloss is always a great choice to have for an everyday look. The best application tip for lip gloss is to put some on your finger tip and apply it onto the center of your lips so that you ideally have more gloss at the center than near the lip line for a more natural looking shine.



Evelyn Waitherero

Evelyn Waitherero

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