Eye Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

Do your eyes get easily irritated, itchy, dry or even teary? That’s an indication that you have sensitive eyes. Having sensitive eyes does not mean that you cannot use cosmetics so there is no need to avoid them completely. Although makeup can often be the culprit of flare-ups, there are ways to avoid these annoying sensations while applying your makeup and even cosmetic products best suited for those who have sensitive eyes. Here are a few tips for makeup application on sensitive eyes.

  • Try Creamy Eye shadows


Most people with sensitive eyes react to powder eye shadows; this is because the dust particles from the shadows often fall off during makeup application. Unlike the powder shadows that flake, creamy eye shadows are a better option as they do not flake. You also need to stay away from glitter and shimmery eye shadows as these would irritate your sensitive eyes even more.

  • Use eye makeup with doctor-approved formulas


When you have sensitive eyes, it’s important to listen to your ophthalmologist especially when it comes to purchasing makeup products such as mascara. More often these doctors will have a list of product suggestions that could be a safer alternative for you. You can also look out for makeup products that read: ophthalmologist-tested and hypoallergenic or check if they are suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  • Keep your makeup brushes clean


Using dirty brushes will not only irritate your eyes but can lead to infections so clean your brushes regularly. Along with using clean brushes, you should always clean your hands before applying any eye makeup. Irritants get transferred easily to your eyes so being hygienic is super important.

  • Avoid applying eyeliner along your waterline


If you are an eyeliner person, you already know how annoying this can get whether you have sensitive eyes or not. Lining your waterline may look pretty and can make your eyes appear more open but this is something you want to completely avoid if you have sensitive eyes. If you must apply eyeliner, stick to using pencils and liners outside the lash line.

  • Replace your makeup products often

Most of us only throw away our makeup products once they are completely empty or God-forbid, once we notice a funky smell and color change with our products. We understand you want to get the best value out of your purchase but is it really worth risking your healthy? It is especially important to replace eye-makeup products as often as every three months to reduce the risk of eye-irritation.

  • Always take your makeup off

Ensure that you are using a good eye-makeup removing product that is suitable for sensitive eyes. Plain water just won’t do it especially when it comes to removing makeup around the eye area. Remember that any left-over eye makeup will further aggravate and irritate your eyes more so you need to ensure that everything has been taken off completely.



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