Top 5 Beauty Tips For Men

It’s not only women who need to have a beauty regimen; men also need to take care of themselves and they also want to look their best but grooming tips for guys aren’t as popular as grooming tips for ladies, which makes it difficult for men to know where to begin when it comes to taking better care of themselves. Sometimes men are a little shy about asking for men’s beauty tips, perhaps they fear that they will appear less manly if they have a bathroom full of “beauty” products but this is far from the truth. With the rise of the metrosexual male, grooming has proven to be just as important to men as it is to women. Here is our guide on some beauty tips just for the men.

  1. Cleanse your skin

Today, men skincare is a booming industry which should encourage the men to invest in skin care products specifically made for them. Don’t use a plain bar soap to wash your face, soap can very easily dry out your skin so invest in a good quality face wash that will get the job done without drying you out. For most men, skin tends to get oily throughout the day and excess oil can stick to the skin and block your pores which in turn can prevent your shaving razor from gliding on smoothly. It is therefore important to properly cleanse your face before shaving.

  1. Moisturize

It’s not just enough to cleanse your face, you also need to moisturize. In general, men should keep their regimen as simple as possible and the interesting thing about skincare for men is that it often takes very little to make a big improvement so you might just be surprised at how well your skin responds to cleansing and moisturizing. For a moisturizer, you don’t need anything fancy; a basic men’s moisturizer will help to keep your skin hydrated and it will keep you looking younger too.

  1. Get rid of unwanted hair

We understand you want to maintain your rough manly exterior but there is a thin line between looking rough in a manly way and looking scruffy. Shave and get rid of unwanted hairs e.g. nasal hair and hair sticking out of your ears, it doesn’t take a lot of effort but it can make a huge difference to your appearance, unless of course the caveman look is what you are going for. Also visit your hairdresser regularly for a haircut. Well styled or well cared for hair shows that you actually do take the time to care for yourself.

  1. Invest in Scents

Besides a well fitting suit, scent is to women what lingerie is to men. Men who believe that their “macho”, sweaty body odor is attractive to women are deluding themselves and besides, there is an air of confidence that one automatically exudes when they smell good and for this reason, we believe a good cologne should be part of every man’s beauty routine. There are a couple of key areas called pulse points that a man should hit while applying his cologne and that is the chest area and around the base of your throat just be careful not to over spray.

  1. Schedule a manicure and Pedicure

There is no need to neglect your hands and feet; untrimmed nails that are clogged with grease and dirt are not attractive. Dirty feet are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, getting a professionally done pedicure is not only a relaxing process but it can help remove foot odor and prevent ingrown toe nails. Scheduling a manicure and pedicure at least once a month should therefore be part of a man’s grooming process.



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